My Girlfriends

Maryam Jamilah. She is the craziest among my friends. 
We always laughing together about our jokes.

Izzati Nadhirah. Always be my listener but when 
she told her problems, I ignore her :(

Noor Sakinah Saadiah. my cute crazy sister.  we always 
laugh together. laugh so damn hard till can't breathe. lol

Ayu Nurain Nabila. While sometimes she is blur, but she is 
 the smartest among my friends. We always together when going out.

Amira Nur Afiqah. She is the smallest among my friends. 
She always shout when not satisfied, but she is kind. 
Even we curse her, she did not angry and respond :D

Nur Amalia. Isn't she cute? Yes she is. 
She is the famous one among my friends. Lol. 
Sometimes she is hyper and funny.